Where it all began


Deepak Kumar, a food and travel enthusiast has always loved experimenting with flavors, trying new dishes across the globe. Be it relishing local food from street-side vendors, or finding friends in those strangers and getting an invite for lunches or dinners at their homes, he is always ready. His love for food and experimenting was well received by his friend Surjit Singh. Aroma and flavors of freshly cooked food were something Surjit longed for in this packaged food trend. A gastronome himself, he incorporated taste in health-friendly dishes.

Both of them loved cooking and experimenting together. Their enthusiasm was well reflected in all friends and family gatherings, where people loved the recipes they brought to the table. Two of them decided to share this love for food with people, offering healthy and tasty food, straight from the kitchen and not the preservative-laden packets. Their idea metamorphosed into this beautiful place we call “Saffron Indian Cuisine” in 2007.

There is an ancient Indian saying, “Two things in life should be approached with total abandon: cooking and Kamasutra”. They deal in the former and this old adage is their mission statement.

Good food tastes greats when you are with the right people in the right place. As much as the taste matters, so does the ambiance. Delicious food gives you a different kind of high when the space around you tucks you in your comfort zone. Keeping this in mind, they worked with some of the best designers to come up with a scheme that would be a heaven for different moods and different personalities, creating separate niches to fit in your mood zone. So busy streets of New York have this calm place offering authentic Indian, Mexican, and Chinese food.

They believe that good food and good music can turn any day into a great one, well that’s what they share with their guests too. To make you tipsier and float on clouds, music themes are carefully chosen. Soft enough that your conversations over the table are smooth and jubilant, plus pappy too for you to tap your feet on beats. The music reflects your mood and we would love to play the songs that our guests are interested in listening to. On special occasions we love having Karaoke nights, inviting some of our loved singers and groove to live music with a glass of wine.

When the place is all about sharing a love for a tempting meal with customers, making their experience memorable is their topmost priority. With handpicked staff, they started this journey. Starting with people they already knew, friendly faces, they tried to make sure dine in the experience of guests makes them feel welcomed. Waiting for the food they themselves hate, so they make sure that no one has to wait too. Quick service is rule number one. Polite and cheerful staff goes around waiting tables, understanding your unique needs, and serving accordingly. Requests of guests are well catered to personalize the experience for each of the guests as much as possible. And our hardworking staff all team up with Deepak and Surjit on this.

True Punjabis at their heart they spread their infectious smile and love for food to all. So apart from cooking and experimenting in the kitchen themselves, they put in effort finding a chef de cuisineBhuwan Singh Kharkwalwho believed in the restaurant’s motto and whose food they themselves loved. And they had faith that all the guests would too.

Our journey with this chef of ours has been great so far, as he says that spices do not make good food, but the right blend of spices makes tempting food. Cooking is the subtlest art with an ocean to experiment with he says and he is evolving with time. We have had a couple of unusually tasty and some breathtaking experiments, which have quickly climbed up the ladder of favorites in our menu. We are hoping to see more in times to come.

Our chef is very particular about cleanliness and hygiene of his kitchen, as Monika once said (TV show Friends) “not health department clean but Monika clean”.  And he keeps pushing his teammates to work diligently but with grace.

Well, there is a saying in Punjabi that translates to, “If eyes can’t bother looking at it, then how would mouth bother tasting it.” So presentation of food is well taken care of in the restaurant of a Punjabi chef and owners and mouthwatering pictures of dishes offered are sufficient to support the claim.

Working with their team-mates they are trying to share their food experience garnered around the world, here, at one place in Vegan restaurants orange county ny, on busy streets of Middletown, New York.

So, if you are looking for a place to eat yum, freshly cooked, healthy food near you, be a part of our journey, and try out some of our most loved dishes. We have many tantalizing flavors that sure will tickle your taste buds and blow your olfactory system. From a variety of vegan and vegetarian Indian food to choose from, all you would want is to experiment with your taste. Take away or dine in with your friends and family. Or sneak away from the hustle and bustle of life with your special someone to enjoy some quality meal and time. With some barbeque grill and champagne and soft notes in the background, find time for yourself, here, in our banquet hall with us, or take away your orders. We can deliver at your home, free within four miles’ radius following the standard safety norms set by WHO. Suit yourself to our lunch and dinner buffet services as well. The way the spices and aroma will trigger your synapses the food is sure going to pull you back to us. Avail Saffron CaterersOrange County, service to share all your joyous occasions with the best of delicious food in New York. Hurry!

Saffron Indian Cuisine, Middletown, New York offering the best of food experience with dine-in, grill, lunch, and dinner buffet, take away, home delivery, and Catering Services near you.


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