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Garam Masala

The spices, cultivated in India and appreciated across the globe are used in cooking in various ways. Different preparations have a different spice mix, variously treated, ground or roasted or as a whole. Each dish has a unique taste and fragrance. Here, at Saffron Fine Indian Cuisine when we talk about authentic Indian food we talk about the freshness and rawness of the flavours and aromas packed with all their health benefits. Some of the most appreciated and loved Indian Cuisines Dal makhani, tandoori chicken, samosas, Paneer tikka, mushroom do pyaza, Punjabi Kadhi is an example of this aroma and flavour.   A mixture of hot (garam) spices (masala), the quintessential seasoning that gives the distinguished aroma and flavour to these Indian delicacies is Garam Masala. A flavorful seasoning that can make any boring food, delicious and aromatic.
Ingredients of Garam masala are not that spicy, but hot, and aid release of digestive juices thus improving digestion and metabolism of food. Th…

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