Meet our Chef-de-cuisine

 We are pleased to introduce our new chef Bhuwan Singh Kharkwal.

Delhi boy, Bhuwan grew up relishing the diverse and authentic flavours from all over India in streets of Delhi, the heart of India. The richness and diversity of cultures and traditions are well reflected in his choice of spices and creative presentation.

If spices had flavors  

All could cook.

But the savvy grace of mixing the right ones,

Defines the culinary art of a chef’.”


Starting from his mother’s kitchen, experimenting with recipes from the Internet, Bhuwan went on learning management at IHM Srinagar. There he obtained his masters in hotel management. His passion for food and the way cooking let him spread happiness with his craft, he majored in culinary arts. This was followed by a year of experience at the Taj Hotel, Lucknow. His work was well received and appreciated. He joined ‘The Met,’ another five-star hotel, later, to learn and garner more experience.

He worked as head chef at Carnival Cruise Line for six years working with variety of menu demands and tight schedules, making vacations soulful for all.

When Deepak and Surjit were introduced to Bhuwan by a friend, he was on the hunt for something new and exciting. Bringing authentic flavours from the land of spices to the US, was an interesting and challenging endeavour. The idea of introducing American taste buds to spices and condiments of India with Saffron appealed to him. And when Surjit and Deepak tasted his food and saw the presentation skills, they knew they were bringing the right person on board with them. He had the expertise of a professional and heart of an Indian.

Bhuwan loved Saffron’s motto, “approaching food with total abandon.” The sanctity and passion of his art-form were about to unravel.

The chance of bringing the world of chutneys and achars(pickle) to a world where people were starting to splurge on junk food and packaged stuff due to lack of time, the Delhite in he started bubbling with joy.

Being a die-hard Delhite, he loves street food, so as soon as he joined he started working with staff to add more appetizers to the menu. His excitement showing in his choice of bringing more Chinese dishes to the table, beloved street food of his home-town.

He says, “We should attract a diverse crowd, and they should have such a wonderful time with us that they visit us again.”    

His jovial and amiable self was appreciated by all and he was quick to put on his apron and lead the team. He adapted to his new kitchen taking on the good parts and adding his own charming style to it too. His team-mates were impressed by his creative skills as well as the plating style.

He believes that a guest can sense the mood with which food is cooked, so apart from plating style and hospitality, a guest should feel the cook’s passion for food in every cuisine. This is how you will bring a guest back to the table again and again.

He personally likes to handpick his ingredients and do the quality checks. Farm fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh aromatic spices and condiments, and other groceries pass his stringent scrutiny before reaching your plates. He maintains that food should neither lose its nutrition values nor its taste during cooking. And a healthy, delectable meal should reach our guests.

He is very “Monika” about his kitchen. So, a top-notch cleaning regime is followed and maintained. All the hygiene and sanitation norms issued by the FDA are strictly followed. His work is sacred to him. And any compromise with its quality and nutrition is never made. Since the Covid-19 rise he has become very vigilant with his staff, sanitizing all the fruits and vegetables, wearing masks all the time, and washing hands repeatedly, he maintains that no direct contact with any food item is made.

We are enthusiastic about this journey with Bhuwan, as we have seen his love for food and cooking and we are excited about sharing it with you. His experience and passion for cooking make him a perfect partner in this endeavour. Saffron Fine Indian Cuisine is waiting to introduce you to the real taste of Indian Food takeaway orange county. We also offer Mexican and Chinese food.

As Bhuwan says ‘grillin smoke with champagne’ will make celebrations lively and fun. We are excited to see what all he brings to the table with his culinary art and experimenting persona. Some of the dishes added by him to the menu have already become our favourites and we can’t wait to share it with you.


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